In my photography, I aim to capture or recreate emotional and psychological experiences that might be a little gross, heart-wrenching, joyful, silly, or even dismal.  I use my art to bring up some unconventional subjects such as exposing memories, bringing hidden aspects of life forward, and vulnerability. I invite the viewer to contemplate each image and how it might relate to their own life. My photographic process is very simple and straightforward, using just my Nikon D750 camera, ambient light, and even artificial light when necessary to achieve as much rawness as possible.
I’m so intrigued by body-image. Mostly, I am interested in how the rest of the world makes someone feel about self-image. Female bodies have been compared to a beautiful flower, most commonly a rose. But in the last few years, as advertising and social media joined forces, people’s images of themselves have taken a negative turn. Beauty standards have begun to become something entirely out of reach because we are trying to live up to computer-generated bodies. I’m looking to conceptually capture life that feels beautiful in their unique way by photographing and studying flowers such as the King Protea, that aren’t so commercially beautiful.

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